Local News Update

New York

The wedding

An old money fashioned ceremony was held for the couple this previous weekend. Tom and Daisy's wedding was a mid-day occasion, a nice classic romance filled event! It was an adorable commodity to witness we hear from the attendees. Daisy Fay (now Buchanan) was wearing a beautiful off-white cream colored lace form fitting dress, along with a pearl necklace and vail. Tom Buchanan was sporting a classic suit and bow tie, looking handsome and simple. The Newley wedded Buchanan's now plan on living together in a gorgeous home in East egg, close to the sea. Congratulations to this perfect new couple!

No More Gatsby

Information is finally being released to public on the subject of Jay Gatsby's death. His body was found dead, floating in the pool of his enormous mansion in West Egg. Mr.Gatsby, well known about, but unknown, was shot in the back. The bullet Jay Gatsby was shot with, in the back, continued its path and shot through to his chest area. The way Gatsby was shot caused incredible amounts of blood to flow from the body. What is mysterious about Jay Gatsby's death, is that a man named George Wilson's body was also found in the back yard pool area. It appears from law officers that George was the one holding the gun when they had found the bodies- but who killed who? Was there a third party involved? Why would anyone want to kill Jay Gatsby, the man of amazing parties? His funeral was held at a church, where not many attendants showed, due to the fact that in reality Gatsby is unknown. His father came from Minnesota and was joined with an apparent business partner, a friend, and a close neighbor. Also a few noble pervious house estate servants showed up to support.

The "Great Gatsby's" parties

All of New York has been raving about the "Great Gatsby". This man; Jay Gatsby, owns a mansion in West Egg. This mansion is home to "the biggest and best" parties, held very often. These parties consist of live performances by bands and professional piano players, talented jazz dancers, artists, singers, famous idols, politicians and government officials, young students, and many others. Gatsby's guests have no limit, "everyone is invited" the environment encourages people to grab some friends and have fun, it is a very diverse group of people, all roaming around Gatsby's now famous mansion, doing whatever it is they like. The guests love the entertainment and that they are free to be a part of what kind of entertainment they so choose. Gatsby also includes non-special occasion surprises- because every occasion is a special one at the Great Gatsby's - such as fireworks, performances from popular artists, and themed event parties. Strangely, when asked about Gatsby, guests say they have never met the real "Great Gatsby". He is a mystery to most although some say they have had conversations with him. There are many many rumors surrounding who this Gatsby really is, weather or not they are true remains unspoken.

The "Roaring Twenties"

Our time period (the 1920's) is now being called the Roaring Twenties. Attention is being brought to the alcohol use and carelessness of the streets. People, young and old drinking and driving, where it may be fun, it is dangerous. Celebration taking place without reasoning at every corner you turn. We have heard about the rise of drug use, getting higher and higher. he economy is great, and the alcohol business is booming. Alcohol keeps people going, gives them something to look forward to after a day of hard work or daily activities. The partying still continues, people have money, why not celebrate the lives of the living while we can? Everything is a party due to the big mansions, bis sums of land and horses, food, filled glasses, money to do the things we wish, and money spend as we please. It is quite obvious why this period of time we live in is being titled as the "Roaring Twenties".

George Wilson Garage

Thursday, Dec. 20th 1923 at 9am-12pm

Wilson's car garage in Central Valley of ashes 420 Highmedows Ln

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Baptist Church

Saturday, Dec. 22nd 1923 at 8:30am

121 Shepherds Glen Rd

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NY Apartments

Wednesday, Dec. 19th 1923 at 10am

4501 Yacht club Dr

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