Raoul Wallenberg

Swedish Diplomat in Budapest

He saved thousands of teen Hungarian Jews from certain death. After he was taken into custody by the Russians at the beginning of 1945, he disappeared...

Early Life

Raoul Wallenberg was born on August 4, 1912 His family was one of the wealthiest families. Three months after he was born his father had died of cancer. His mother, Maj Wising, was the daughter of a celebrated neurologist. His grandfather was a distinguished diplomat and he made sure that Raoul travelled alot and learned many languages. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1935.

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Getting Involved

Meet Raul Wallenberg. He was a Swedish architect/business man, diplomat and humanitarian. After he graduated from college he took a job in Africa and then Israel and that's when he learned what was happening to the German Jews. He decided to join a rescue mission with the US War Refugee Board. He then took a diplomatic appointment and with only 2 knapsacks, a sleeping bag, a wind breaker and a revolver his job was to go to Budapest to try to get Swedish diplomatic asylum to documented victims of persecution. He even intimidated and bribed Axis officials to complete his mission. He had the Swedish Foreign Ministry and American support for his work.


The most important history fact about Mr. Wallenberg is that he saved thousands of teen Jews. He had about 400 Jewish people working for him and when the Russians took Budapest in 1945, he had given passports that were Swedish to about 20,000 Jews. then, he saved thousands of teen Hungarian Jews from certain death. This gave them protection under the Swedish crown until they could immigrate to Sweden. He sheltered thousands of buildings where he flew the Swedish colors so that the people would not overtake the buildings. In 1945 when the city fell to the Russians Wallenberg was taken into custody by the Russians and went missing. Even today, no one is sure what exactly happened to him. The Russians say he died of a heart attack but many people believe he lived for a long time after that.

In His Words

Raoul Wallenberg said some very interesting things in his life. One thing he said was "I will never be able to go back to Sweden without knowing inside myself that I'd done all a man could do to save as many Jews as possible". That explains why he risked his life so many times to save the Jews. He also said "One person can make a difference". He was obviously talking about himself in that quote. One other thing he said was "My eyes were made to erase all that is ugly". He saw a lot of ugly in his life and I think he meant by erase it, doing something about it.


He saved thousands of Jews from being murdered. He obviously changed the lives of all those people and their families that came after them. For society, after the German Nazis were brought down the world view of Germany and Jews changed. People were mad at Germany for a long time and felt very bad for the German Jewish people. Without Mr. Wallenberg and all that he did to help end the war, things may not have turned out like they did.

Words for Wallenberg

"Wallenberg was responsible for saving so many generations of people who now live all over the world,” said Ester Mejer of Borough Park, who was only 13 when Raoul Wallenberg saved her from the hands of the Nazis. ”It’s so important that people know about Wallenberg’s courage because persecution does not just happen to Jews. This is happening to other nations now too like in Darfur, Sudan, so we must continue the story of Wallenberg to spread the inspiration and courage to do something about it." What a great quote to explain just how much Wallenberg changed the world.


If you read the above quote from Ester Mejer, you can see that many people believe Wallenberg was an inspiration to many people even today with his courage and bravery in fighting against the Germans. Anyone who knows of all the things Wallenberg did in his life to help other people and not worry about himself getting killed is influenced by his actions.

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