Where Is Middle Earth?

Ireland, obviously!


Have you ever been to Middle Earth? Well now you can! This beautiful region is right across the ocean, in Ireland! With its rolling green hills, huge cliffs, random and beautiful castles, wide rivers, and tall mountains, Ireland is definately a unique country. Some natives speak Gaelic, which is an old language that is completely different from most languages. Most of the people living there speak Irish English, which is basically English with some slang words. The Irish consider soccer (or football) as a major part of their culture, along with others.

Why is Ireland Middle Earth?

It's simple. Ireland is an island of green that has mountains (which are formerly known as the Misty Mountains...), rolling hills (which could be hobbit holes), castles all over the place that could be perfect for a wizard's home or a dragon's keep! This island is mysteriously beautiful, and what other place could you think of that would fit the description of the magical Middle Earth?

Why is Ireland better than other places?

Some say New Zealand is a better place to be Middle Earth, including the director himself of the Lord of the Rings movies. I see where they get that. New Zealand is beautiful and unique. But, does New Zealand have the authentic look my own country of choices has? I think not. They have beaches and mountains in New Zeeland. It's beautiful, but t looks like many other countries. Canada, for instance, could be mistaken for New Zealand easily. No, other countries just don't carry the unique look that Ireland and Middle Earth both have.

In Conclusion...

In conclusion... The beautiful country of Ireland serves as another place other than its own: Middle Earth! There are distinct landmarks that prove that Ireland is the fabled land that we all know and have explored through literature! Don't believe me? Just go take a look at Ireland's hills, mountains, and castles!