Enemy Pie


Foreground and background

  • Things in the foreground are usually much larger
  • Eye follows the largest object
  • Round objects usually in the focus

What colors dominate?

  • Most colors are neutral but the things used for emphasis are red and purple this brings attention to them
  • Negative space is used for text
  • Background lightened for text readability


  • Very real except people have larger heads
  • You feel like you're a part of the images
  • Reoccurring patterns/colors: Red, purple, circular shapes

Anomalous Elements

  • Things that are important are larger or lighter things
  • Characters viewpoints are where viewers eyes are drawn

Reoccuring symbols

  • Circles for comfort
  • Pictures follow the story line
  • Colored pencils used helps with being relatable


Images aren't really framed and very realistic and straightforward

Size & Scale

Heads are large and important objects are large. Size is used to show importance of certain objects in image.

Character Viewpoints

Character's do not look directly at the viewer but they're all fairly close to give a familiar feeling to the characters. Viewers tend to follow gaze of the characters when it comes to things like looking at things in the distance.