Windows 10

Windows Inking Workspace 1 Hour PD

Descriptor of Session:

This session will begin by covering the basic layout and user interface of

Windows 10, focusing on the desktop features as well as helpful shortcuts and

gestures. You will then explore the Workspace Inking features, focusing on its

instructional use in the classroom.

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The participant will:

  • Understand the Windows 10 desktop & start menu
  • Explore options for personalizing the desktop
  • Understand the difference between desktop and tablet mode, and how to find relevant features
  • Experience the features of Windows Ink Workspace and be able to apply them instructionally

Success Criteria:

I can:

  • personalize my Windows 10 desktop
  • utilize important touch gestures and Windows shortcuts
  • switch my laptop from desktop mode to tablet mode & back
  • locate all desktop features in tablet mode
  • locate & enable the inking Workspace on my laptop & in Microsoft Office products
  • name 2 ways to use inking instructionally in my classroom

Suggested Bell Work:

Part 1: Windows 10

Task 1: Basics

Hit ENTER to get to the log in screen after PC goes to sleep

Ctrl+Alt+Del to sign out

Tablet Mode: How to move from desktop to tablet mode & back

Task 2:

Get to know your Windows 10 desktop.

Things to point out:

  • 3 sections of Start menu
  • Task View - This is a good feature to be aware of when in tablet mode, as it makes it easier to switch between open programs in touch mode.
  • File Explorer: Allows participants access to Desktop documents that won't be visible in Tablet Mode.

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Personalizing Your Desktop:

Start Menu
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Search Bar Activity:

Search “Word” – notice you get access to the program and to recent documents.

Search “student”. It will search for the word in your documents as well as on the internet.

Participants can now go to tablet mode to see how the desktop and start menu look different.

“Desktop” mode = I can see my desktop. How can I access desktop documents when I’m in tablet mode?

Switch to TABLET MODE:

Review: File Explorer; Task View; Tiles

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Tablet Mode Tips

  • When you're in a program in tablet mode, swipe up from the bottom to reveal the taskbar.
  • In tablet mode, the entire desktop becomes the start menu. Use file explorer to access desktop files.
  • Go to Settings - System - Tablet Mode to personalize
  • If you go back to desktop mode but do not see your desktop, you may need to switch back and forth between modes once or twice. Sometimes it gets "stuck" in tablet mode.

Task 3: Touchpad Gestures

Switch back to desktop mode:

**Choose several from the list for teachers to practice

Touchpad Gestures for Windows 10

Task 4: Shortcuts

**Choose several from the list for teachers to practice

Shortcut Keys List

Part 2: Inking

Task 5: Enable Inking

The Windows Ink Workspace button is located on your task bar.

If you do not see this icon, right click on your task bar and select, "Show Windows Ink Workspace" button.

Click on the inking workspace icon.

You can use inking with touch or with your mouse. It is available on desktop PCs as well.

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Inking Options:

Participants will pull up the map or another document and select "Screen Sketch"

Notice the menu bar sits on the top right of your screenshot. Also notice, you are not marking on the live page; you cannot scroll or change views within the inking workspace.

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Inking Menu Options:
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*Possible mini model lessons:

A) Using screen Sketch on the map, pass the laptop to a few students and ask them to label: Saudi Arabia; Egypt: Mediterranean Sea; Nile River; Nile Delta

B) Using whiteboard space, draw a triangle (or have participants draw a triangle); ask a participant to use the ruler to bisect the triangle.

C) Use the ruler to draw a number line. Have participants plot points.

After mini-model: Go to this padlet page and write down 2 ways you can use screen sketch or whiteboard in your classroom this week:

**If you have math teachers in your session, be sure to note the nature of Inking vs the Mobi board, as they will have to rethink how they use this instructionally.

Problem: Cannot easily save multiple sketches

Option: Keep a folder on your desktop to save picture files

Also see: Windows 10 How to use Screen Sketch step by step

Optional: At this point, if you have a Windows 10 lab, you might discuss how teachers might have students utilize Inking at their workspace.

Task 6: Inking with Microsoft Office

Open a blank PPT presentation or one you have available.

Above the ribbon in your Office Products, you can engage the touch layout:

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You can also use the Draw tab on the ribbon to use Inking features in Office products.
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If you do not see the Draw tab, right click on the ribbon, and select "Customize Ribbon." Check the box to show "Draw" in your ribbon:
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Practice in tablet mode - Draw on presentations.

Be sure NOT to save the PPT with the drawings, as they will remain on the presentation.

Closure Activity:

Address any Padlet Questions