Bakery Treats

Ashley Carpentier

Quote from a customer:

"I love how this bakery is family owned, it creates a welcoming atmosphere for anyone who visits!"

Quote by the Owner

"I am so thankful for all my customers who make this sole proprietorship possible! When I first opened this bakery it was to chase my dream of being a baker, but with the support of my friends, family, and customers, my dream is now my reality!"

Two Questions

1. What made you decide on opening up your own bakery and what did you need to do in order to start the business?

-I decided to open up my own bakery because that is my passion in life, i wanted to be able to wake up everyday doing what I love. In order for me to have started this business i had to take out a loan.

2. Are you ever nervous of what could happen to your bakery in the future because it is an unlimited resource?

-I am not afraid of what may happen, because my business is unlimited I do have to rely on my customers, but you can't live your life in fear.