Napoleon Legacy

Reid Zaworski, Alex Gifford, Alex Pederzini, Riley Philips

Napoleonic Code

One of the first things he accomplished. This gave France a Unified legal code that still exists today in France and also is the foundation of the legal system in Louisiana.
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Economic Reform

Before Napoleon came to power, France was a in an economic state of turmoil that could not be overcome. This all changed when Napoleon created a fair tax system for all of France’s people and improved trading with other countries. The implantation of a central bank also helped fix their issues.

Education Reform

To create a middle-class cadre of leaders, Napoleon reorganized France's education system. He restarted the primary schools, created a new elite secondary system of schools, and established many other schools for the people. He promoted education for girls and greatly improved teacher training. Literacy levels in France soared under Napoleon's reforms.