Tuesday's Tech Tip

By: David Durnil

September 2, 2014 - Why aren't you using a PDF?

Using a PDF (Portable Document Format) is an easy way to share information with students so that they can open it on a variety of platforms.

What's Great About Using PDFs?

  1. When you save a file as a PDF and share it with your students, they have the ability to access it, but they cannot edit the document.

  2. Consider having students access your next in-class reading assignment using a PDF instead of a hard copy. (1) The students get to use their phone or tablet and at the same time, you know what they are looking at on their phone. (2) The students can save the PDF on their device and have access to the reading for future reference. (You can always have 5-10 hard copies available for students who do not have a device to use.)

  3. For mass printing, using a PDF allows you to save time in the copy room and save paper.

David Durnil

Assistant Principal

Don R. Daniel Ninth Grade Campus

Aledo ISD