Maryland made by Alex Michels

The Old Line State

Famous People

Babe Ruth lived in Maryland and he was one of baseballs greats. Cal Ripken Jr played baseball in Maryland for the Baltimore Orioles. Harriet Tubman used Maryland in the under ground railroad.



Economy means how money is made or a job in the area. Lots of people in Maryland manufacture (10 percent of Maryland makes electronic devices). A fisherman is another good job in Maryland because in Maryland there are lots of crabs. Being a miner is a big deal in Maryland too because it has some of the best minerals in the world like sand, stone, clay and coal. Being a lumberjack is a good job in Maryland too because in Maryland there are lots of trees.

Water Bodies

All the lakes in Maryland are man made because all the rivers got damned. Maryland is by the Atlantic ocean. Lots of crabs are found in the water bodies in Maryland.

Sports History

The NFL's Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl in 2012. The MLB's Baltimore Orioles won the world series in 1983. Maryland collage university turned to big ten on July 1st ,2014. The Maryland collage football team last won the national championship in 1953.

Things to do in Maryland.

A cool thing to do in Maryland is going fishing for crabs. Also you can go to the National aquarium in Baltimore and look at exotic fish. You can go see the Chesapeake Bay and Ohio Canal National Historical Park. Another cool thing is Six Flags Great America that has fun water slides and more! There is a place called the Baltimore Museum of art or B.M.A. that has lots of cool and exotic pieces of art and cool and exotic galleries.
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