Mrs. Barron's Monthly Wire

A message from the Library


Thank you all for the warm Welcome to the STALLINGS family! I sure do feel the love!

I have appreciated your patience while I grow accustomed to my new surroundings and duties. Every day there is something NEW to learn and/or create, and I'm still observing what works and doesn't work; along with changing things over to my comfort in the Library. There is still ALOT of things I would like to do and not enough time! (story of my life!) I have so many ideas and thoughts that can enhance the Stallings Library and it's visitors and I can't wait to be able to implement them!

For now, it's been a lot of getting to know the students, learning the different systems, PLC rotations and of course the circulation of the books!

These Stallings students are reading!! So, BRAVO to that!!!!


Teacher's ~ As I'm still playing with the schedule and times, one of my first concerns is the amount of times students come in during the week. I understand some students excel at reading more than others, and can take tests and be ready for the next in a snap! But what I have been noticing is that some students still have a second book in their possession and have not taken a test on that particular book yet, which results in SAME STUDENT / DAILY visitors! **So, starting this month PLEASE only send students to the library if they have read and tested on BOTH books and are ready to turn them BOTH in!** I will start illuminating those students from the library if they show they still have a second book out. I'm hoping this will help with the traffic I have been noticing during AR times and allow me to meet all the individual needs during their visit (looking up books, fixing problems with books, assistance finding a book, assist students on computer taking tests, etc.)

Thank you for your support and understanding!


MANY Students are STILL learning the routines of the library, their student ID number, how to scan books, how to log in to take an AR test, and where books are located. This has turned into "coaching" time for me, which is another reason why I have found myself with limited time for other duties, resulting in a change to the weekly traffic flow.

I do appreciate those that come in and assist the new students with challenges and/or language barriers. This of course helps things flow better in the Library.


Due to my responsibilities with the PLC program at the end of my day, I will need to block out certain times during the week called LM or "Library Maintenance". This time is needed to help me complete daily tasks in a timely manner, and help me get home to my family before dinner! =)


Please only send students during the AR time frames. Some students are sent over any time there is no sign on the door. No sign doesn't always mean "COME ON IN", most of the time, it means I am waiting for a class to come over or PLC rotations to start (1:45pm).

Due to the PLC rotations and me needing to pickup students at 1:45, If you are visiting the Library at the 1:00 will need to round up your entire class to be out of the Library no later than 1:35! That means - DONE with taking tests, DONE with choosing a book, and CHECKED-OUT! I appreciate your help with this!


I'm checking the temperature on the AR exchange times! So far, I have kept the arrangement of the schedule as it was before my time, but am playing with creating grade level slots and a "ONLY-THREE-students-from-each-class-at-a-time-rule!" This will help with MULTIPLE STUDENTS FROM DIFFERENT GRADE LEVELS in the Library at once, AND Library MANAGEMENT!

I am open to time suggestions for your grade level. Please fill out a suggestion slip located in the staff room (on the board) and place in my box with your FIRST CHOICE and a SECOND CHOICE for your grade level/class. This will help me with choosing the correct times that will work for everyone! Thank you~!!