Hernando De Soto

Spanish explorer STRIKES AGAIN

Hernando De Soto STRIKES AGAIN

With the help of Pizzaro and second in command De Soto goes on his second journey! He goes up the road leading to Cuzco, the Incan empire. Planning to conquer Cuzco he told everyone what to do. Then... BOOOM! CLASH! BANG! SHING! The army of Pizzaro and Hernando fought until they successfully managed to win the battle. So now we have more claimed land. !!!!! :) :0
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De Soto's Early Life

When De Soto was born his family was poor and couldn't really afford education. Luckily, he had a friend that paid for his education. Mainly in thought, his parents wanted and desired him to become a lawyer. But he rejected them and said he wanted to explore the West Indies. He was very young on his first journey, it was in 1514 when he got permission and with his ability to ride horse very good, he became captain of the Calvary group.

After De Soto's Journeys!!

De Soto was soon proven to a good explorer, trader, and also having a lot of wealth profits for trading with the natives. Sadly, Hernando died in Louisiana. Later, lots of people consider him as a curious but strong explorer for the love of the bright, blue, beautiful, sea.
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