Modern vs. Classic

The comparisons of twelfth night and she's the man.

example of visual low comedy

"remember who commended thy yellow stockings, and wish to see thee ever cross-gartered" is a visual low comedy because yellow stockings were really flashy. Also another low comedy visual is when Sebastian and viola show off their private parts to the school to prove they are male and female.
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example of farce low comedy

"now sir, have i met you again? There's for you!" (4, 1, 24) is a example of farce slapstick comedy because Sebastian is getting beat up and he really doesn't know why. The example of this farce comedy in shes the man is when viola is posing as Sebastian in Illyria high school.
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example of manner comedy

An example of this from the twelfth night is the character Feste who says "Beshrew me, the knight's in admirable fooling." this is manner comedy because he is making fun of the knights and how stupid they can really be. An example of manner comedy in she's the man is when everyone is always staying away from Yunis and trying to keep her out of their lives because shes just so weird and foolish.
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example of idea high comedy

a good example of idea comedy from the play is when Orsino says "then let thy love be younger than thyself, or thy affection cannot hold the bent; for women are as roses, whose fair flower being once display'd, doth fall that very hour." (2.4.8). which means that a woman's beauty fades just as fast as a husbands sexual desire for his wife. A good example of this in the movie is when Viola isn't allowed on the boys team because our normal feeling towards girls is that they cant be on the same team as guys because they are not as strong.
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Similarities and Differences


  • Names stayed the same
  • the names of the places they go to like Illyria are the same
  • characters act the same

  • Illyria is a town in the book while its a high school in the movie
  • The language is very different
  • viola dresses as soccer player in the movie but in the book shes a servant