Year 12 Economists

Weekly Update 15

Never give up, don't quit

Thirty-six per cent!

In the most recent AP 2.5, only 36% from the Class of 2015 AS Economics cohort achieved an A*-B grade in their macroeconomics paper. Being that we are just 49 and 57 days until your Unit 1 and 2 final exams this summer - the pressure is now on to improve our performance dramatically in order for us to achieve our Class Vision. I am still very confident that we can do this and I just need you to not only believe it, but to commit to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

This will be different for each individual, but may include: Individual revision plans, group masterclasses, perfect homework hand-in rates, attending intervention sessions, regular reading of the FT/Economist, online CPD (Tutor2u, #Econ2 etc.), scheduled essay-planning sessions, past-paper practice... the list goes on!

The offering from me would still be available to all with some improvements by way of: extra revision sessions on both Thursday and Saturday, Google doc online essay planning help as well as more individualised feedback and support.

Less than two months, to go from 36% to 100% - let's get it!!!

Assessment Point 3

Unit 2: Managing The Economy - 23 March 2015 (Period 3)...1 day left!

Weekly Macro Revision Session

Thursday, March 19th, 3:45-4:45pm

Paddington Academy (Room 206)

This is the fifth weekly macro economics revision session scheduled for the new year. For those that choose to attend you must do two things: 1. RSVP the event (below) and 2. send a direct email to me regarding the topics you would like to cover during the one-hour session. Please note: Failure to do these two things will deny you entry into the session.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Macroeconomist of the week: Mominul Haque

Revision notes

A new dropbox account has been created that includes revision notes on all macro topics:


Login details below:


Password: greatstudents

*The revision notes for this week's topics: Exam technique and Glossary can now be accessed by clicking on the relevant topic.

UCAS Guide for Economics (Summer 2015)

To see a comprehensive guide for those looking to study an economics-related degree course at university, please click here.

Drop-In Sessions with Mr Obanye

Please feel free to sign-up for a 1-1 session with me here.
Class Vision: "100% of students will achieve an A* - B grade in their final exams, whilst also developing the 21st Century learning skills needed to be successful in life after college."