Sweet 7th Week!


Important Upcoming Events!

October 24: Final draft of personal narrative due

October 24: Red Ribbon Week starts

October 31: Halloween! (More information to come!)

November 11: No school in observance of Veteran's Day

November 14-18: Parent conferences (Sign-ups coming soon!)

Please remember to check your child's homework nightly!

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This Week's Discoveries!


In reading, we looked at the signpost, "Extreme and Absolute Language". This is language that the author uses to exaggerate a statement or idea. We read an article from the National Geographic about a photographer who spends time photographing child refugees. Students were able to discuss why the author of the text used language such as, "never, everyone, all, none" and "extreme, intense". They were also able to find examples of such language in their own fiction chapter books, and discuss why the author chose to use those phrases!

Next Week:

Students will be learning about the nonfiction signpost, "Numbers and Stats," and discuss the importance of exact numbers in their lives and in nonfiction texts.


Students continued their work on their personal narratives. They created a story mountain and learned strategies to elaborate on certain important moments in their stories. The firs draft due date has been extended to Wednesday, with a final draft due the following Monday.

Next Week:

Students will work with a partner to edit their pieces and challenge one another to move their pieces to get grades of 3 and 4. After finishing and editing their first drafts, they will type up a final draft on google docs to send to the teacher to be graded! Then, these will be posted in the classroom!


This week, students used both the area model and the standard algorithm to multiply two and three digit factors. They learned that they need to be very organized and work on being neat in their math work! It was a great review of lining up numbers with multiple digits and addition as well. Please continue to practice 2 and 3 digit multiplication at home with your child!

Next Week:

Students will continue multiplying 2 and 3 digit factors, this time with decimals! Students will also have a short quiz on Friday. Math Olympiad will continue to take place Fridays with Room 207. Please let Mrs. Schmitt know if you are able to volunteer!

Social Studies:

Students separated into their own Travel Agencies and were given a region to become expert groups on! Each "agent" has a different job, from researching the population to the history of the cultures represented in the area! Students have shown their abilities to synergize!

Next Week:

Students will finish their research, and work together to create a travel brochure or a poster, persuading their classmates to visit their region. At the end of the presentations, students will vote as to which region they'd most like to visit!


Students continued their pickleball unit with Ms. Kuzman's class and Dr. Borin! We have really been enjoying our Friday afternoons, getting in exercise and a little friendly competition!