Jack Goertzen

English 5

Activities and Hobbies

I am involved in two sport related activities for Buhler High School. I play football in the fall and baseball in the spring, but I work on baseball year round. I am in Buhler FFA as well, but I admit i'm not all that involved because of my sports being practically year round. I love watching sports; my life pretty much revolves around school and sports. If i'm not at school i'm most likely at a sporting practice or event.



I have been in the Buhler school district my whole life. When I started pre-school I went to Buhler Grade School, and went there until sixth grade. I went to Prairie Hills Middle School for seventh and eighth grade, and now I'm at Buhler High School for freshman through senior year. I have two favorite teachers. The list may get bigger, but for right now they are Mrs. Case my pre-school teacher, and Mr. Kohls my freshman english teacher. If I could go anywhere I would want to go to Oklahoma University for baseball, but i'll most likely end up going to Wichita State hopefully still for baseball, but we'll just have to see how that goes.


My family

My dad's name is Wendell, he works for the Hutchinson Fire Department. My moms name is Terri, she works for NCMS in Hutchinson. I have one sister and her name is Lyndsey and she attends Hutchinson Community College. We also have two dogs named Joker who is a husky and black lab mix and Bentley who is a miniature dachshund.

Health concerns

I'm accident prone. I get distracted if something is even just a little bit boring, and I get tired just sitting.

Contact info.

My number is (620) 200-4774

Dads- (620) 727-5921

Mom- (620) 960-1809