Weekly Update

January 25, 2021 - January 31, 2021

What's New?

New TRiO Office Coordinator!

Hi TRiO! My name is Karlee Pirrotta and I am the new TRiO SSP Office Coordinator! You'll see me in the TRiO office when you're on campus and I'm here to help you with whatever you need so please don't hesitate to ask. I used to work for TRiO in 2019 and am so happy to be back. I love TRiO staff and students and as a first generation student myself, I am passionate about the services that TRiO offers.

A little about me:

-I'm originally from a small town up north, but I moved to Kalamazoo from Grand Rapids and couple of years ago and I love it here.

-I am also a WMU student, my major is Behavioral Psychology.

-I love to travel. My boyfriend and I plan to convert a cargo van into a tiny home at some point to travel the country and hopefully Europe.

I look forward to meeting everyone and reconnecting with those of you that already know me. Feel free to shoot me an email to introduce yourself or just say hi!

Need to Print?

The TRiO work center is open! (Sort of.) If you need access to a computer to print documents, you may come to the TRiO work center to do so. But FIRST:

  1. You MUST email Karlee beforehand at karlee.pirrotta@wmich.edu to let her know when you are planning to come and use the computer. This is to ensure someone is at the office to let you in AND to make sure that we are following proper COVID protocols and that their aren't too many people here at once.
  2. You MUST show office staff the green badge on your phone to ensure it is safe for you to be on campus.
  3. You MUST wear a mask.

TRiO Updates!

TRiO Holds for Spring 2021

TRIO SSP will be placing hold on student accounts this week by this Friday, This hold will be on all TRIO student accounts until the student has completed their semester needs assessment and meeting with a TRIO advisor. This hold is not punitive, but simply a reminder to complete your student meeting.

It is our hope that having holds placed earlier in the semester will encourage students to schedule and complete their meeting(s) well in advance of priority registration beginning and open the priority registration opportunity to more TRIO SSP students.

During your meeting we will discuss how classes are going and resources you may need. To maximize our conversation, we would like you to attend your courses at least a couple of times before you have your TRIO semester meeting.

Steps to completing your TRIO semester requirements:

  1. Schedule your semester meeting with TRIO here: https://bit.ly/39nb0kB
  2. Once you schedule your meeting, complete your student needs assessment: https://bit.ly/35tB2ll
  3. Before your meeting takes place, you will need to have your academic advising appointment with your major advisor. Make this appointment ASAP, as many advisor schedules fill up quickly.
  4. Have meeting with TRIO advisor, discuss needs assessment and share recommended classes from your academic advisor for Fall 2021.

****Your Student Needs Assessment and meeting with your major academic advisor should take place BEFORE your TRIO SSP semester meeting****

*Graduating seniors should also be completing a needs assessment and one last semester meeting with TRIO before they graduate*

*If you cannot make a 30-minute meeting work in your schedule, contact your TRIO advisor to discuss completing this meeting via emai

Big picture
Big picture

TRiO Sponsored Resources!


TRIO SSP is partnering with Tutoring.com to offer TRIO students 24/7 virtual tutoring. Tutors with Tutor.com are individuals with Masters or Ph.D level education in all sorts of subject matter. Every session is one-to-one and personalized to your subject and your question.

All registered TRIO SSP students should have received an email from Tutor.com to inform them how to register/login to the site. Check in your spam folder if you do not recall receiving a message from tutor.com. If you did not receive an email last semester, please let Nathifa or Candace know.