of the rainforest!


Orangutans are amazing creatures, orangutans share 97% of the same DNA as us human beings. Not surprisignly they posses great intellegence as well as other human like qualities.

What orangutans eat.

Orangutans eat bananas, young leaves, flowers and bark. they also eat insects such as ants, termites, pupae and crickets.

Some pictures of orangutans.

Orangutans are very cute.

what they look like.

Orangutans have reddy, orangey and browny fur. They have little ears and little eyes. They are extremely cute!!! Like humans orangutans have apposable thumbs. There big toes are also apposable.

How long they live for

Orangutans live to about 60 years or more in the rainforest.

They walk on their hands and feet, some people say have four hands.


Orangutans are extremely endagered species. people cut down there rainforest to plant palm oil plantatations. 6 football fields of rainforest are cut down every hour.

we can help by donating money to charities or adopting an orangutan.