Best Handpan For Beginners

How To Choose The Best Handpan For Beginners

How To Choose The Best Handpan For Beginners

Have you ever heard the hypnotising music of the handpan? It pleases your ear so much that you decided to join the community of handpan fans. Are you willing to buy your first handpan? Are you confused about how to choose the best handpan for yourself? So don't worry, we are here to guide you and for more clarity keep on reading!

There are many best handpan for beginners and choosing the best one for yourself might be quite challenging. Let's not get puzzled and just point out some important factors, which will be helpful while selecting a handpan.

What is a handpan?

Do you have any idea what a handpan is? Handpan is only limited to instruments created by PANArt. It is a musical instrument that plays melodic percussion in the idiophone class. It is made up of mild steel. A well-made handpan will produce melodious and gentle sounds that captivate the listener with a strong hypnotic draw and have a unique vibe of a tone. It is quite difficult to play but once you learn how to play an instrument then it will become easier.

How to choose the best handpan

Are you searching for the best handpan for beginners? Then it is quite challenging to choose the best handpan for yourself and also how to select a good quality handpan. Here are some important aspects that will make it easier for you to choose your first handpan.

  • Choose the type of the drum

You might be wondering, which handpan will be suitable for you and you're in a big dilemma, Isn't it? When you are a beginner and want to buy your first handpan then you should keep a few things in mind like; size, price, quality, certification, manufacturer history, etc.

There are many handpan types such as; steel pan drums, Opsilon handpans, tank drums, steel tongue drums, etc. They differ in construction and the way they produce sound.

  • Choose good quality in a budget

You might have questions like how can you get a good quality handpan on a budget? So let us tell you that a handpan is quite an expensive instrument and if you are buying at a very low price then it means you are compromising its quality. But as a beginner, you can buy a good quality instrument on a budget because you never played a handpan, so it will be best to acquire and learn an instrument before buying an expensive one.

  • Select the one which will be easy to acquire

If you are a first-timer and want the best handpan for beginners to start learning an instrument, you are more likely to choose an instrument that is easier to acquire. It might not be that easy to acquire but once you learn then it will become your favourite instrument. It also helps to treat mental illness, depression, anxiety, stress, etc.

  • Right technique

How will you understand which is the best handpan for beginners and the right technique? There are two ways to play handpan instruments: by tapping with your hands or using mallets. By hand it's quite difficult and unconfident at the same time, so you can buy a pair of mallets to learn in the beginning, and after you can switch to playing the instrument with your fingers for better sounds and experience.


So, you can easily understand which is the best handpan for beginners and a few ways to select the best handpan for yourself. There are also many beginners handpan instruments that sound like the best hang drum music.

A hang drum music is easy to acquire and the best handpan drum has the best quality music a handpan drum price depends on its scale and quality. For more information visit our official website.