Hard being President in early years

Why was it challenging?

George Washington.

George Washington's job as president was very difficult and stressful. Washington was about to do something no one else at the time was about to do, become the first president. Washington would have to be the first president making his job harder because he wasn't quite sure what presidents do. In 1789 Washington accepted the job as president of the United States. Washington became stressed because the United States had no army at the time. After the revolution the U.S. army ended, Washington feared for the people's safety. At the time the U.S. didn't have the money to keep the army up and going. Washington job was not easy, and very stressful.

Around the world

Affect that impacted the president.


In 1796 France declared war with Great Britain. Even though the war didn't have to do with the U.S. it still affected the United States. While the United States had a war with Great Britain France had helped the Americans. After that America made alliance with France saying that if France would be in a war then the United States would help France. America didn't have an army so they couldn't really help. This made John Adams job as president very stressful.

in 1803 pirate ships began to attack the U.S. ports. Now Thomas Jefferson was president. Also America didn't have an army. Jefferson also had the stress of the White House moving to D.C. in 1800. In 1809 congress repealed the act the act that kept Britain and French pirate ships from attacking, so France and Great Britain began to attack the U.S. again. Another stressful thing the president had to do was make a deal with Britain that if they stop attacking America will stop trade with the enemy.