11th Grade ELA Syllabus

Study the evolution of American writing

American authors and writing

You will be given ample opportunities to improve your own writing. You will read poetry, essays, novels and plays written by Americans; for Americans. You will gain an understanding of American history and character through the words of authors who have lived the American experience.

Every day during 7th period.

7th period is a difficult time to have a required class. We can do it if we all try to participate and focus on just what it is we are learning. This is a high performing class and there is a lot of talent represented. I expect great things out of you. Please be prepared by bringing all materials to class, including pens and pencils and paper.

Some of our top literature picks:

Guaranteed to be Relaxing and Fun

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will we write anything in this class? YES....LOTS

Will we read anything in this class? YES...LOTS

Will we work together on projects? YES... often

Will we learn about how the United States was evolving and emerging and creating unique non-European culture as described by American authors? YES

We are English Class buddies

NEED EXTRA HELP? Many of you know I stay after school for at least 2 hours. Come in for extra help. You are also free to call me at home any time of day on any day of the week. I WANT you to succeed. Surprise!

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