Could it exist?

History of the phoenix

There have been many versions of the phoenix such as the Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Egyptian/Arabian, Greek, Roman, and Native American versions. They are all grand birds associated with the sun (Rise of the Phoenix 2012).

Modern Reserch

I could find no actual proof that the phoenix exists. They are mostly used as symbols of things like hope (Shumaker 2008). There are however, biologically immortal animals that we know exist. This means that they are immortal like the elves in Lord of the Rings: they can be killed, but won't die of old age.

Theories on the phoenix

  • They exist.
  • They do not exist.
  • They used to exist.
  • They could exist in the future.
  • "In Egypt, a prehistoric flamingo may have inspired the tale, because the heat waves rose from the hot salt flats where it laid eggs, perhaps suggesting a nest of fire" (Shumaker 2008).

What I Think

I do not belive real phoenixes exist. I think the flamingo on the salt flats idea is very plausible. I don't see any reason that a there couldn't be a biologically immortal bird though.
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