Bloody Sunday

Miranda Gladish

Georgy Gapon

Georgy Gapon, a russian orthodox priest, led demonstrators to the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia. He immediately attracted police which led to Georgy having a secret program that had advocated labor concessions. Georgy Gapon. He was a student in the Theological Academy.

The Start

Sergei Zubatov worked in police labor groups. When Zubatov had to chance to leave the city for 24 hours, Gapon had opened clubroom for more meetings that began with prayer and the Russian National Anthem. Gapon's secret plans began to come into play. Georgy's assembly grew rapidly and brought more attention to police. Soon before Christmas, four workers and all active members were fired


The assembly was told they had no right to speak for its members so Georgy Gapon called a large meeting and everyone decided to strike at Putilov Works... even though strikes were illegal.

January 16th and 17th

Finally on the 16th of January, the strike started. The whole working capitol joined. Gapon wanted to give a peaceful mass demonstration to present to the tsar himself. This idea grew rapidly and Gapon started preparing his petition. The march was prohibited and Gapon was going to be arrested by police but he couldnt be found.

The End

Leading to the bloody massacre now called "Bloody Sunday".