All About Iraq

By: Sydney and Sai

Location (First box)

Hemisphere- North-eastern hemisphere.

Continent- Iraq is a country in the continent of Asia. -

Relative Location- To the right is Syria, to the left of Iran, and above Saudi Arabia. The Persian Gulf is south-east of Iraq, and the tigris and euphrates rivers run through

Capitol Lat/Long- 33 degrees north, 44 degrees east.- Atlas

Impact on citizens- In the summer it is very hot and the average temperature goes up to 120 degrees fahrenheit, its harder to get crops to grow. They get only 15 inches of rain each year, their is almost no water, which is a valuable source. The agriculture there depends on irrigation. The bushes near the euphrates river help produce gum, which is good for the economy. The Zagros mountains grow Valonia oak, which is used for tanning leather, for trading. Their is a lot of damaged land from war, that means less farming and less money earned. -

Place (Second box)

Government/ Economy

  • They are an republic, with no private court.


  • 8.5 million labor sources
  • Income: GDP 113,5 billion
  • Oil is valuable as a foreign trade so their for their are a lot of jobs in the oil drilling business.
  • Also since Iraq is a violent country they have a lot of jobs generated in the security sector.

Human Environment Interactions (Third box)

  1. In iraq a major trade is oil that lets them buy water. Farm lands are increasing because of the increase in money and fund.

  2. Iraq had many oil drills which provide jobs. Also jobs were provided from transporting goods.since there is a lot of violence there they have jobs in the security enterprise field.

Movement (Forth box)

Communication/ Transporting Goods/Locations Impact On Movement

  1. In iraq 63 people out of a 100 have cell phones. Since many people don’t have cell phones they have to figure out a way to “talk”. For that problem they write letters.

  2. Goods are transported by railroads in and out of the country. People use railroads to get from one place to another since they connect the cities together.Iraq is pretty violent so that creates more movement everyday.

  3. Transportation is expensive in Iraq since it is extremely hot in the summer and the lack of natural resources.

Region (Box five)

  1. In the west and south west there are desserts. In the northeast there are plains and highlands. The highest point is Gundha Zhur the elevation is 11,847 feet. The lowest point is the Persian Gulf. Baghdad is a large city and also the capital of Iraq.

  2. In Iraq 15%-80% are arabs. Arabic is the national language. Armenian is also another language that is spoken. They get to places by car,trains, and planes. Their homes have electricity and water. Now they are building apartments.
  3. Here is the video.
Beautiful Iraq

Research Question (Box six)

Questions: What are the terrorist groups in Iraq and how do they affect the country?

Answer: One of the terrorist groups is ISIS. ISIS is on the news constantly for what they do. ISIS robs banks, commits crimes, extorting taxes, and that is just a few. They also execute people for what type of muslim they are. They are a very powerful and many people are afraid of them. They survive on their own unlike Al Qaeda by stealing military supplies. Al Qaeda is another group in Iraq. It has harmed the citizens but it can’t thrive on its own.