William Augustus Bowles

Bowies Involvement in the American Revolutionary Era

William Augustus Bowles

"William Augustus Bowles was born in 1763 into a wealthy Maryland Tory family. William had an extensive education and excelled in acting, music, art, chemistry, and many other fields."


The young Bowles joined the British army at the beginning of his teen years; this was during the time of the American Revolution. But, by the age of fifteen (15) he was a(n) ensign for the navy.

"In December 1778 he landed at Pensacola, but missed the return boat back to his ship." Shortly after his return, he was dismissed for derelict of duty without trial.

He was stranded on the island for two years, joining the Creeks who visited the area. "He spent the next two years between the Florida gulf coast and the Creek towns on the Chattahoochee;" living a nomadic life; spending his time fishing, hunting, and working in a bakery.

Becoming A(n) Indian Familiar

Bowles had two wives:

  • A Cherokee
  • A Hitchiti Creek daughter of the prominent Chief Perryman

Bowles argued that the natives in the southeast were sovereign in the land that they lived, and were promised by treaty the ability to remain as lawful residents by Britain and Spain. "His idea of an Indian nation included all the tribes of the southeast, including the Choctaw and Cherokee."