By: Skye , Victoria and Kayla

Foods eaten on a regular day:


- Chicken

- Mashed Potatoes

- Green Beans

- Fries

- Bojangles Bacon & Egg Biscuit

- Philly Cheese-Steak

- Salad



-Colby Jack Cheese

-Protein Shake

-Greek Yogurt

-Apple Sauce

-Dark Chocolate

-Chex Cereal

-All Natural Peanut Butter

-Sweet Potato Chips


-Ground Turkey



-Bo berry Biscuit




What Foods Satisfy Hunger?

- Protein Rich

- Carbs

- Vegetables

- Meat

- Starches

- Nuts

- Fruits

What Foods Don't Satisfy Hunger?

- Snack Foods

- Chips

- Jelly Beans

- Corn Syrup

- Pastries and Baked Goods

- Sugary Breakfast Bars

- Candy

How do emotional issues affect hunger?


- Anger = No Food

- Depression = Binge

- Happiness = Nibble

- Tired = No Food


- Stress= Do not eat until someone makes me and then can't stop

- Mad= No food

- Happy= Forget about food until I realize I am Hungry

- Bored= Nibble

- Sick= No food

- Exercise= Eat like normal


-Stressed= I eat everything

-Mad= I eat nothing almost all day

-Happy= I don't eat cause if i'm happy i'm normally distracted

-Bored= I eat everything

-Sick= i eat everything

-Exercise= I don't eat i just go to sleep

Weight Loss Products

- Weight Watchers: Caused under-nourishment, To much sodium , Vitamin deficiency, But it helps you form healthy habits, it also highers your self esteem because even though its not necessarily good for you , it makes you feel accomplished to lose the weight.

- Healthy Sex: Controls the amount of food you eat and is great exercise.

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The Biggest Loser:

Due to the under nourishment and excessive exercise the contestants have to endure , Rachel Fredrickson went from 260-105 and won. But fans were outraged because she looks waaay to skinny.
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Weight Watchers:

Weight Watchers worked great for Jennifer Hudson! She knew how to control the diet so she didn't let it cause harm. She lost 80 lbs and looks great!