influence of food choices

by: Jacquline Michael

Physical Needs

Food is needed to maintain vital functions provide energy for muscle

movement also build and repair tissues.

Psychological Influences on Food Choices

•The way you think and feel about foods will influence what foods you choose

•Odors as well as events create memories that affect food choices

•Psychology affects why you eat as well as what you eat

•Psychology even plays a role in food preparation

personal food prefrance

personally my favorite veggie is green beans, and my favorite fruit is water melon! They both taste amazing in my opinion....

food availibility

green beans are best during spring, summer, and fall. Watermelon is best during spring and summer.

scocial setting

a meal time can determine what foods we eat. For example most of the time for breakfast we eat cereal. And then most people sit down and eat with their family for dinner.

scociety and culture

On holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving most of the time we eat foods like ham, turkey, stuffing, pie, and corn bread. Other cultures eat different foods and celebrate different holidays.
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