Freedom Rides

By: Nevrus Sakiri, Cory Talbot, Drew Ellis, Shawn Conklin

May 4, 1961

The first freedom ride was with seven blacks and six whites. They left Washington D.C, on two public buses bound for the deep south. They intended to test the Supreme court's ruling in Boynton v. Virginia (1960), which declared segregation in interstate bus and rail stations unconstitutional.

Freedom Rides

Friday, May 10th 2013 at 9pm

From Washington D.C to the south

The freedom riders consisted of males and females, blacks and whites, young and old. There reason was to persuade the Supreme Court to allow both blacks and whites on public transportation.

Effects on African Americans

People did not agree with what the freedom riders were doing. They threatened them, and beat, and injured them. Overall this event helped free African Americans. It took awhile, but this and many other events helped give African Americans equal rights. This event helped give confidence to future civil rights events/movements.