Party with a purpose!

A PURE mission...

Just as most people have learned to read labels on the food they eat, we think it's equally important to become "ingredient detectives" when choosing personal care & home products.

Why? Because it's not only what you put IN your body, but also what you put ON your body that can affect your health. And when you know better, you can DO better. Our pure and primary mission is to share this important information, and to provide safe, effective and affordable alternatives.

I am so excited to launch my PURE Haven Essentials business, and thankful for the opportunity to continue to educate you and help you learn how to make safer choices for you and your family. Whether you're already an avid user, or have never tried our products before, I invite you to come touch, try, smell and feel all of the goodness that PURE Haven Essentials has to offer!

Can't stop by? Show your support by being one of my first customers and placing an order for these life-changing products at and using party #141970 at checkout.

Sunday, April 17th, 2pm

1105 Howell Drive, Franklin TN 37069

Please RSVP via text to 818-599-8395 OR email:

KIDDOS, FRIENDS and NEIGHBORS are more than welcome. Marley will be here ready to play! Please let me know how many people will attend with you, so I can plan accordingly for sipping and snacking. Also, if you or your guests have issues with dogs, please let me know that as well so I make sure everyone is comfortable.