Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Summaries

Scene 1: Servants penalty & Emo kid

The play opens on the servants of Juliet's house desiring to pick a fight with the servants from Romeo's house. Benvolio tries to stop the fighting, but "fiery" Tybalt only intensifies the brawl. Before anyone is seriously injured, the Prince breaks up the fight. He decrees that anyone who fights in the streets of Verona will forfeit his or her life. Afterwards, Benvolio speaks with Romeo to try to find out what is causing him to cry all the time and mope around. We learn that Romeo is in love with Rosaline--a beautiful woman who doesn't love him in return.

Scene 2: A Propsal

The scene starts with a man named Paris asking if he could marry Juliet. Lord Capulet is greatly opposed to this, and claims that Juliet is too young to get married. Lord Capulet then gets the idea to get Paris to go to a party, so he could be persuaded to find another girl, not Juliet. Unfortunately, Lord Capulet sends an illiterate servant to give out an invitation. So, by mistake the servant gives the letter to Romeo and Benvolio. Benvolio and Romeo then debate on whether or not they should go to the party.

Scene 3: I...don't

In this scene Lady Capulet talks to Juliet about marriage. Juliet tells her mother that she has no intention in getting married. Lady Capulet then tells her daughter that Paris is a very handsome man, and would make a wonderful husband. Juliet still rejects her mother's decision to marry Paris. Juliet’s Nurse is very ecstatic to hear this, and thinks that Juliet is very wise from receiving her breast milk.

Scene 4: Incognito for Romeo

Romeo and Benvolio are still debating whether or not they go to the party. Then another one of their friends, Mercutio comes and tells Romeo that he should go. Romeo says that he has had an odd dream and that it could be a bad oman. After Mercutio hears this, he tells Romeo the story of Queen Mab. Queen Mab was the queen of the fairies who gave people dreams. Mercutio then explains that dreams are lies. Romeo who is tired of listening to them, and hears that Rosaline is going to the party decides to go.

Scene 5: Meeting Juliet

In the halls of the capulets, the party goes on and through the crowd Romeo sees Juliet, and instantly forgets his love for Rosaline. He asks around, but does not know who Juliet is. Tybalt hears Romeo talking and realizes that he is a Montague and sends for someone to bring him his sword. In the meantime, Capulet tries to stop Tybalt saying that he is an okay person. Romeo and Juliet meet up later and talk together, which leads to them kissing two times. As they stop the last kiss, the nurse approached Juliet and said her mom needed to speak to her; Romeo finds out from the nurse that she is from a capulet bloodline and is devastated. Benvolio leads Romeo away from the party and Juliet tries to secretly find who Romeo is by getting the nurse to pick him out of a lineup.