Galileo Galilei

by Audrey Duffy


Galileo Galilei studied space and astronomy. he discovered that the sun was at the center of the universe. he also invented the telescope.

early life

galileo was born on february 15, 1564 in pisa, italy. his parents where vincenzo galilei and giulia ammannati. he was the first of six children. in 1574, his family moved to florence where he started his formal education at the camaldolese monastery in vallombrosa.
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he had lots of teaching jobs at various schools. he was also a mathematician, a physicist, and a engineer, but his main focus was space. he was a astrologer and a astronomer.

key events

he invented the telescope in 1609. In March 1610, he published a small booklet, The Starry Messenger, revealing his discoveries that the moon was not flat and smooth, but a sphere with mountains and craters. in 1612, he published his theory that the sun was the center of the universe. on September 23 1633, galileo was put on trial for heresy. he was put on house arrest and was kept there until his death in 1642.

Historical Impact

galileo changed how people looked at the world. he gave new reasons for why things happened. he stood up for what he believed in.

what made him revolutionary

galileo gave new explanations for how the earth worked. he showed people a new way to look at the world and change what lots of people believed.
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I learned about galileo's family and early life. galileo was historically significant because he stood up for what he wanted to believe in and he changed what people commonly believed in.


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