Interdisciplinary Unit Plan (IUP)

Muskingum University: EDUC 561

Meet the Creators/Future Educators!

Katie Sampsel: Graduate Student, MAT in Middle Childhood Education for Math and Social Studies

Nan Hooper: Graduate Student, MAT in Middle Childhood Education for ELA and Social Studies

IUP Theme Statement... HEROES!

Why did we select "Heroes" as our IUP theme?

Super hero movies are huge right now among students, such as the Avengers, Batman, etc. We wanted to make the connection to our students that there are real heroes or even many "heroic" actions throughout our nation's history and even in our daily lives today. We hope this will spark motivation in our students since heroes are of interest amongst the student population.

Details of our IUP

As a group, we decided on creating lesson plans for 40 minute periods for an 8th grade class. Katie chose her content area of Social Studies and created 5 lesson plans based on American Civil War Heroes. Nan chose her content area of ELA to create 5 lesson plans that integrated the theme heroes. Nan focused on slavery and Civil War heroes as well in her unit plan.

We realize that our schedule of our lesson plans may need to be flexible so as to make sure we are teaching the same content in the order we planned. Example: I will inform my students about the battle at Little Round Top Monday/Tuesday so that Nan's ELA students will have an idea of what occurred during this battle to perform well on their writing piece.

Highlights of our 5 IUP Lesson Plans:

8th Grade American History -- American Civil War Heroes!

Monday: Important information on the Civil War PowerPoint/guided notes.

Tuesday: Important information on the Civil War (Cont.) and Local Ohio American Civil War Heroes Prezi/guided notes.

Wednesday: Students will complete in groups a WebQuest on an Union Army Hero.

Thursday: Students will complete in same groups a WebQuest on a Confederate Army Hero.

Friday: Students will formulate and create an idea of how they want to present their information they gathered about their Union/Confederate heroes. Will present at the end of class and continue into the next week.

8th Grade English Language Arts

Monday: Introduction to this week's activities and how they will lead up to a research paper on heros of the Civil War. Discussion on the writing process and how an informative research paper is to be written.

Tuesday: Discussions and readings from "Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass" by Frederick Douglass

Wednesday: Creative writing prompts about 1) Little Round Top Battle at Gettysburg, PA. or 2) replica sword from the Civil War - who did this sword belong to and what was their story from the war?

Thursday: Discussion on readings from "For Cause and Comrades: Why Men Fought in the Civil War" by James M. McPherson

Friday: Writing a letter home as a soldier/slave narrative

How can other content areas use the "Hero" IUP theme?

Math: The 8th grade math teacher can implement a "Super Hero Math Challenge" worksheets. Students can challenge their math skills via worksheets either as a grade, extra practice, or for busy work when classwork is finished.

Science: The 8th grade science class may complete a small individual research project on "Heroes of Science" where students will search for information on people who have made an impact on science throughout history.

Art: Students in 8th grade will create a representation of their own personal hero. Students can draw, paint, sketch, or sculpt their representation of their hero.

Music: Students in 8th grade will learn as a class a Super Hero theme song on the hand bells.

Physical Education: Students in 8th grade gym will be competing/training "Hunger Games" style. Students will be divided into 12 groups two represent the 12 districts in the Hunger Games book series. Students will go through training exercises that the tributes of each district completed prior to going into the arena (on a much safer scale) in order to become their district's hero!

List of Resources


WebQuest on (student references for appropriate websites for research will be given on this site)

Google Docs



Books on the Civil War/Slavery:

"Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass" by Frederick Douglass

"For Cause and Comrades: Why Men fought in the Civil War" by James M. McPherson

Field Trip Possibilities:

Gettysburg, PA

Underground Railroad Museum near St. Clairsville, OH.