All About ME

Kinley Harmon

My Personality / Character

Of course you won't know my exact character without meeting me but here is a brief decryption of my personality. I am a very responcible person. I like to take charge and kick the slackers out of the way. I keep busy and I am not the person to give up on something that i have been working on. I am the freshmen class president at the moment. I am liked by many teachers and classmates. I am confident enough to say that I would not change my personality for the world.



Band is my life. I live and breath for it. I spend all my time practicing to be the best I can be. I am VERY dedicated. I play the trombone and I have since sixth grade. I also play the violin but that is not allowed in the school so the trombone will do. My teachers push me and truly believe in me. This is what has kept me going. If it wasn't for them I probably would be struggling not only in band but in other classes too. Band is stressful. It is not what everyone thinks it is. " All you have to do is blow, psh, easy! " No. It is hard, not many people can do it.


I have not played tennis for long. I saw my passion for it about two summers ago. We were on vacation and the hotel we had had an old faded, cracked court. Me and my brother just played around and i noticed that i was pretty good. we went out there everyday. The sport came natural to me. So that year i tried out for the schools tennis team. I was very good, but there was still room to grow. I spent that whole summer at camps and practiced at my schools tennis courts whenever i could. This years season is about to start and I am super excited.


I have a very supportive family. One that wants me to go to a good college and go to medical school to become an exceptional Orthodontist. I also have a huge family. My mom and dad divorced when I was seven. My dad soon remarried and had a kid. My mother took a lot longer but married a man. He has two kids. I already have a brother. My dad was unhappy and got a divorce, he is now dating a woman with a kid. My mothers family is huge. She has two half sisters and two half brothers. My stepdads family is huge and my fathers. Moral of the story, I have a big family. I have a lot of friends. They are all amazing and I see us being friends for a long time. They consider my opinions and support me on all of my decisions. I couldn't ask for anyone else to be in my life.


I attend church every week. I go to Northside in New Albany. I am a very religious person. My faith is very strong. I am a christian but I support all other religions. I'm not the kind of person that will stop in the middle of class and pray. I have been called many things, "jesus freak", etc. Although people can be mean, I still will stand strong and continue to pray and follow god.