Giovanni da Verrazzano

Italian explorer

Where's he from?

He is from Val di Greve, 30 miles south of Florence, Italy.

Who did he sail for?

He sailed for France! The purpose of his voyages were to find a trade route for the French. Also he was to discover more grounds for the French to claim. He ended up discovering most of the coast of the New World. He had a lot of issues with native americans and stopped him from discovering some land and later was executed by them.

His life

His amazing feats were that he was recognized by the French by his reputation and was commissioned by King Francis I of France to command a voyage of discovery to the New World to look for a new trade route to the Pacific Ocean. He found most of the coast of the New World making trade easily available to many new places. His accomplishments include finding most of the coast of modern-day America and he also the Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge and Maryland's Verrazzano Bridge is named in his honor. He was a driven and honorable man. His reputation was good.

Giovanni da Verrazzano

Giovanni da Verrazzano