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PD5-Writing to Learn (Low Stakes Writing)


Writing-to-learn fosters critical thinking, requiring analysis and application, and other higher level thinking skills. It is writing that uses impromptu, short or informal writing tasks designed by the teacher and included throughout the lesson to help students think through key concepts and ideas. Attention is focused on ideas rather than correctness of style, grammar or spelling. It is less structured than disciplinary writing. This approach frequently uses journals, logs, micro-themes, responses to written or oral questions, summaries, free writing, notes and other writing assignments that align to learning ideas and concepts.


In response to the need of students to learn content using a variety of strategies and their need to practice writing in a variety of contexts, many teachers have adopted the strategies associated with WAC. The following principles underlie WAC:

1. Writing promotes learning

2. Integration of writing and the writing process promotes student participation, a diversity of student voices, and engage students as critical thinkers while promoting their texts as important resources and thinking tools

3. Effective writing instruction integrates disciplines

4. The opportunity to write in every class develops good writers

5. Using writing as part of instruction can be used in every classroom

6. Only by practicing the thinking and writing conventions of an academic discipline will students begin to communicate effectively within that discipline

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Dates for Face-to-Face PD5

2/16/16-Manzano M.S.

2/17/16-Hanna H.S.

2/22/16-Vela M.S.

2/23/16-Garcia M.S.

2/29/16-Stell M.S.

3/04/16-Perkins M.S.

3/11/16-Oliveira M.S.

3/21/16-Pace H.S.

4/05/16-Rivera H.S.


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