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Letters Home

( December 10, 1944) Dear mother and father,

Sorry for not writing home these past couple of days, they have been hectic. The 194th Glider Infantry Regiment was just stationed at the Greenham Common airbase in Newburyport England. The whole group is beyond excited to try out the Glider( we are all too used to the American CG 4A)!

The Glider, or the Horsa, is the way the British solved the fast unloading problem with charge at the tail end. The whole thing is molded plywood and bolts! Upon landing, the rear end was simply blown off and easy egress was attained. The live charge back there while the glider was in flight was certainly not a comforting thought for the troops inside. Everything is still the works!!

And 'good' food is scarce here, if you will please send my favorites, that will be greatly appreciated! And how are those crazy brothers of mine doing? Send everybody much love!

your son, John

(December 13, 1944) Mom and Dad,

A terrible accident has happened. We lost 33 men. It's hard to connect all of the events of yesterday, but what I know is that the glider went up and just blew up. We lost 33 great brothers yesterday. Two I believe you knew, Mike McLaughlin and Howard Steele. We are struggling.

It's terrible what happened but even worse, not really knowing what happened. This could have been anything, I mean what if it was an attack? We just don't know.

In other news, the regiment might be moving elsewhere, with the new item on the plate, they just don't quite know yet.

Again please send love to Kyle and Sid and please pray for the families at home.


(December 15, 1944) Give notice to parents of John Richardson

Dear Mrs. and Mr. Richardson,

It is with great sorrow that I must report this to you, but your son, John Richardson, was killed this morning, December 15th, 1944) coming back to the base. The 368th and the 423rd squadrons were short a man and John stepped up.

The squadron was returning from their tough mission and collided, sadly killing your son, along with 15 other crew members. We know this is tough but your son died with great honor and protecting his country. You raised a great boy who turned out to be a wonderful soldier and he will be missed all around.

I am truly sorry.

United States Army Air Forces commander, Genetal Carol Spaatz