Riley & Faris

Manipulator- The riddler (batman)

The riddler is a villain in batman, he always speaks in riddles to confuse people. He became a villain after he quit his job because he didn't like the way he was treated. He is always speaking in riddles to trick batman to beat him and take over Gotham city. He uses the riddles to confuse people to make them think different thing then what he is saying in reality.
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The Suitor- Joey (friends)

Joey is a popular guy who has a lot of friends and talks to a lot of girls. He always has a new girlfriend, which he only keeps around for a short amount of time. He is known as the flirt in the show, and shows that throughout the episodes.
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Mistreated- Gru (despicable me)

Gru is a man in his 30's and is trying to make his mom proud. Gru adopts 3 young girls and uses them to get into another mans house to steal an object needed for one of his missions. He is misunderstood because he is only doing evil to make his mom proud. His mother always saw him as a disappointment, which is why he becomes a villain, to make her proud. Later on he decides he does not want to be a villain, but instead take care of his girls.
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