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Week of October 1st - 5th

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Fun math for you

How old will you be this year ?

Get that number and add it to the year you where born.

Your answer will be the year we are in - 2018 !!!

Example = 13 (years old) + 2005 (year born) = 2018

Join your Family Liaisons for a Parents Evening Out

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The Lending Library is now OPEN!!!

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Upcoming Events & Field Trips

CLASS DAYS at US Karate Academy in San Diego

USKA will be having homeschool days every Thursday.
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Vendor Spotlight

Rebels Soccer Academy

Boys and Girls ages 4-12

Welcome to the Rebels!

At Rebels you will receive a professional coaching staff whose main purpose is to maximize your child’s potential in soccer. Our method to reaching that goal is two-fold. On the individual level, we teach your child ball control. At Rebels we quantify success by how well your child will be able to control the ball.

On the team level, we require our teams to have an identity of play which is possession based. Possession style is the type of soccer that US Soccer is striving to create as well. Soccer possession is when a team has ownership of the ball in a match. If the players on a soccer team manage to keep hold of the ball by repeatedly passing it accurately to teammates, they are retaining possession.

It is due to this style and high level of ball control in the individual players, that the aforementioned teams are so successful. It is our goal to do the same with your child and our teams here at Rebels. We hope you decide to play for our club.

Thank you again for your interest in our club.

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Picture Day!!!

Fabulous Parent Resources

Field Trips Information!

Please check out Inspire's Field Trip and Event Site.

With our new system, it is easy to sign up for field trips. Educational Funds will automatically be deducted when registering.

Important things to keep in mind:

  • If you have 1 student enrolled, you can use educational funds for 1 parent chaperone.
  • If you have 2 or more students enrolled, you can use educational funds for 2 parent chaperones.
  • You can NOT use one student's funds for both Parent Chaperones.
  • Pay close attention to the ticket date and time you are selecting as some trips include multiple date and time options.
  • Each ticket is it's own selection. When selecting a ticket, you will see student and chaperone selections on the same screen. Elect one, hit okay and then add another (Student or Chaperone or Guest). Two separate ticket selections.

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