LIFT Weekly Update

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Hey, everybody!

It's hard to believe, but LIFToff is just a couple weeks away! It's coming up August 2-3, and it is going to be amazing! We'll have a full day on Saturday with kidnapping, worship with the OBB, Insane Water Olympics, food, laser tag at the church, a concert and much more! Then, we'll head to host homes for the night. On Sunday, we'll have a Parent Meeting during Sunday School, more worship with the OBB, a family meal (PARENTS PLEASE PLAN ON BRINGING A SIDE DISH OR A DESSERT THAT MORNING), and our epic Giant Slip-and-Slide, now featuring a Paint War! The whole event only costs $10, so bring some friends and make some memories! Registration is now open online, and EVERYONE must register beforehand, so click HERE!

LIFT is on this week as usual, and we'll continue our Lovesick series. Please be aware that for the rest of July, we'll be doing a series on Purity. You can trust that we will handle the difficult issues of sex, lust, modesty, etc. appropriately. However, it is an important topic, so we won't be shy or timid in our approach. Check out last week's message below with some helpful follow-up questions. We'll continue this week, so be there 6-7:30pm!

There is no LifeLine this week. Instead, the whole church is encouraged to put what we've learned about evangelism in the Unashamed series into action! As a family, find a way this Sunday night to share the gospel with someone, whether it is a family friend over for dinner, or a waitress at a restaurant. Find a way to share the Good News!

Important Dates:

  • LIFToff! August 2-3
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Follow-Up Questions for Parents

· Why do you think our culture is so obsessed with sex? What are we trying to gain?

· What are some of the small things related to sex that Satan tries to convince you are no big deal?

· How can it also be negative to be of the mindset that sex is horrible and wrong?

· What does the story of Adam and Eve reflect about God’s intentions for sexual relationships?

· How is that picture better than our sex-obsessed culture?

· What small steps can you take to honor marriage as Hebrews 13:4 tells us?