Mr. Mason's Believes...

The Apostles creed and Nicene creed

Who is Mr. Mason?

Assistant Principle at Jubilee Primary School.Mr.Mason is fifty five years of age. He is a Catholic Mr. Mason. He has four children and two grandchildren.

The Language of the creeds

Mr. Mason said his belief statement's are I/We for us and for our sake.The common language or motto mission or statement a team song or a simple common language.

Timeless Words to Live By

Beliefs are timeless Thing's change but your belief's don't change. Changing times - refer to - base your choice. Summarise me as a christian. conduces himself according to belief and faith.

Common Bond

The common language that is the motto the team song or the simple language. The bond/base that is part of something bigger than yourself the direction or purpose.

What Does the Creed Mean to Me

What the creed means to me is that jesus died on the cross and he rose again and ascended into heaven and he will come again one day and judge the living and the dead.