My Birth Plan

Expectations & Realities

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Water Births!

Because babies are in liquid in the womb, it is thought that water births are less traumatic on the baby. The warmth of the bath water can also help to ease the pain of contractions.

Don't Count on Your Due Date!

Although due dates are an estimate of full term arrival, health complications like preeclampsia may arise. You can use your due date as a general idea, but don't take it as being set in stone. Make sure you are prepared weeks in advance (hospital bag packed, nursery done, receiving blanket set to the side as well as first outfit). You never know when a normal checkup can turn into an emergency induction!
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Packing Your Bags For Your Birth Plan!

Many hospitals now allow customized birth rooms! You can bring personal affects, like photos, plants, lights and even music. As mentioned before, DON'T wait until the last minute to pack your bags, as ANYTHING can happen.

Take a Hospital Tour!

Most hospitals now have tours of the hospital and orientations. In these orientations, they give procedures specific to the hospital, and do a guided tour of the premises. Some hospitals even have websites you can use to generate and submit a birth plan to be on file for the day of delivery in case you forget your own!
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Don't forget the boobs!

Breastfeeding has many advantages! Breastfeeding immediately after birth releases more Oxytocin (the bonding hormone, or The Love hormone), and helps the mother/infant bond! It can be specified in birth plans that you plan to breastfeed, which stops the advancement of formula in the instance of a complication like emergency cesarean. The first few days after birth, the mother excretes colostrum, which is a thick yellowish milk that helps infants develop antibodies and has a laxative effect to help clear their system of toxins.