Ancient Native Americans!!!

Quiz Grade


  • Built dams to trap rain from tops/peeks of mountains for example. But the rain didn't stop there it kept on going to the gardens and Canyon Floors like, The Grand Canyon.
  • Their houses made of stone and they were along the Canyon Floor. but there is still more to come.
  • Their were Craftsman too who made all kinds of jewelry and woven baskets.

Adena and Hopewell, Mississippians!!!!

Eastern woodland people!!!

  • Lived in the Ohio Valley in 700 BC.
  • Grew all kinds of veggies such as, squash ,seeds such as, sunflowers etc.
  • They made copper jelwery and pottery.
  • the Hopewell's arrived in around 300 BC.
  • built mounds/houses around 40 ft high and 100 ft wide.
  • the Mississippian's arrived in Mississippi around 800 AD.
  • They had an increase of people if they added spices to food.
  • Increased of population caused for like more land, more houses.