Bransom Bobcat Newsletter

August 19, 2019

Welcome Back!

Alright, let's get this new school year started! A big welcome back to all of our returning families and welcome to our new ones. I hope everyone had a chance to come out for Meet the Teacher Night this past Thursday and introduce themselves to their teachers. The turnout was fantastic, which in all seriousness, is pretty normal for our Bransom family. I have to say, it was a lot of fun for me to see the students again and to catch up with a lot of friends.

Ok, time for the public service announcements. Those of you that have been with us know how much fun the morning drop off and afternoon pickup can be the first few days. If you're new to us, I promise it gets better and goes a little quicker each day. Here are a few ways that you can help expedite the process.

1. In the morning, if you plan to walk your students inside, please park in the front parking lot or the lot on the North end of the building. For those that park in the front parking lot, please come to the cross walk across from the front entrance and wait for a staff member to stop traffic and cross you over. Keep in mind, the front parking lot spaces fill up quickly.

2. If you are dropping off, please form one line to the right and pull all the way forward to the bicycle rack so we're able to quickly unload as many cars as possible at one time.

3. In the afternoons, please form two lines on both sides of the drive and pull all the way forward past the bicycle rack to the staff member holding the stop sign.

4. Have your name card with your student's name visible on the dash or window. Students will be released to go down the middle lane to go to their cars and once they're all in their cars, the staff member holding the stop sign will let the cars begin exiting the parking lot.

5. Because of the excitement at the end of the day, students do not always hear their name when it's called. If that is the case, we try to get them out quickly, but sometimes we'll ask you to pull around and park so we're able to keep the traffic flowing. A staff member will personally walk your student to your car to ensure their safety.

5. If you are walking in to pick up your child, please park in one of the parking lots and bring your student's name card into the front entrance. You can place the card in the white basket by the double doors leading into the school where a staff member will collect the cards and deliver your student to you in the foyer.

6. Please make sure your teacher knows how your student is getting home so they can see they get to the correct area after school. The most common problem in the afternoons is students going to the incorrect area for pickup. They are always with a staff member however and we'll make sure we get them to you quickly and safely.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some great tidbit of advice that will become obvious to me sometime around 3:05 Monday. If so, I'll make a point of sending out a follow-up email.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend and we'll see you and the kiddos on Monday!


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