Brian's 40th Birthday Bash!!!

Itinerary May 14, 2016

Let's Party!!!


9:20-Meet at Brian and Shelly's house

9:30-Leave for The Rustic (Carpool Style)

10:00- Arrive at The Rustic (We've got the food covered),

11:50-Leave The Rustic and meet up at the BUZZ Bike Location (Takes 6 min. to get there)

12:00-Arrive at the BUZZ BIKE location and have waiver's ready and signed, load drinks with coolers, munchies, playlist, etc. (If you would like to bring around $30 to help out for the cost, that would be awesome!!!)

12:30-2:30-Ride around town (We Be CRUSIN' and DRINKIN'!!!)

2:30 - Arrive back at our cars, tip the man, head back to the house. (If you are hungry, you can stop on the way back for some lunch grub)

3:00-??? Pool Party at our house with Beer, mixed drinks, Jack Daniels Cupcakes, more munchies, pizza for dinner, and any thing your heart's desire.

After: You can have a sleepover at our house... No kids, plenty of room!!! We just need one more air mattress so we can all sleep peacefully and SLEEP IN!!!

Just a Couple of Things...

For the BUZZ BIKE...

1. We have to wear closed toed shoes, no flip flops or sandals.

2. Wear something comfortable, our goal is not to exercise but to party, but we might end up sweating anyways!

3. Only beer, wine, or ciders for the BUZZ BIKE (NO GLASS or HARD LIQUOR)

4. Make sure you have your driver's license and some cash just in case we want to make a pit stop at a bar etc.

Who's Ready to Celebrate This Guy???

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