Sixth Grade Newsletter

6th Six Weeks

Life as an Otto Bobcat!

It's a busy time for our Otto Bobcat 6th grade students. The spring semester is in full swing and students have been busy participating in academic contests, preparing for musical competitions, and continuing to maintain a growth mindset towards their academic success! Many of our students are attending morning and afternoon tutorials and we encourage all our students to continue this dedication to their education. It doesn't seem that long ago that we were all learning to master locker combinations, and in just a short time we will be celebrating the year long accomplishments of our 6th graders. The next several weeks are sure to bring exciting learning opportunities for OMS Bobcats!
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What's happening in class this six weeks?

English Language Arts

We recently finished a Historical Fiction book club experience. While reading novels chosen because of their historical significance, students completed individual tasks which enabled them to participate in group meetings. The students collaborated on a variety of assignments that focused on setting, characterization, and making connections to their novel.

Students will be finishing up the year focusing on Science Fiction. The lesson, “Upcoming Attractions” includes three separate science fiction short story experiences. Each story is read using a different grouping strategy – read aloud, individual, and small group share. In each of the stories, students will search for science, technology, and social issues, as they continue to explore the effect of setting on science fiction. Also, students will be reading a self-selected Science Fiction novel and completing weekly reader responses.

The unit will conclude with the CAP, “Traveling Through Time.” Students will be creating either a historical fiction or science fiction “Post Card Book” that will focus on setting, exposition, characterization, theme and mood.

Math 6 Honors and Math 6

Welcome to Trigonometry- the ancient study of triangles, their angle sums and the rules about their side lengths. Our Honors kids have begun a unit that will help build the foundation for years of math ahead. We will prep for the STAAR 6 exam and Spring MAP testing, solve two - step equations and dive into some financial literacy before we round out the 6th grade math year. Even with a little Spring Fever we are working hard and learning a lot of great skills. Math skills stations for extra practice are available at tutorials.

Math Rocks

The Rocks kids continue to amaze me as we study trend lines; best fit and linear regression, learning to make solid data based predictions and analyzing the data in several ways. We will prep for STAAR 7 and participate in Spring MAP testing late April/ Early May. We will round out our year with financial literacy- analyzing budgets and loans to build the foundation of sound principles in financial planning.


Our astronauts will begin a focused study of forces and how their relationships dictate the motion of objects on Earth and in space. They will fly balloon rockets to test Newton's Three Laws Of Motion. Using all of their space knowledge, they will design a 2-liter bottle rocket to be launched outside to demonstrate these forces!

Social Studies

For the 6th six weeks we will be concluding our Conflict & Cooperation Unit. In doing this we will be finishing our studies of World War II as well as a brief overview of the Cold War. We will end the unit with our Unit Test. Our last unit for the year is the Global Interactions unit. China and Japan receive the most emphasis in this unit of study but other major countries from the Pacific Rim are also discussed. Students should be reminded that they have studied cultures in a variety of regions around the globe. The cultures are identified by one or more cultural traits that are shared by the people of that region. This unit will allow students to see that cultures are now more interdependent than in the past. Cultural borrowing has blurred the differences between cultures as many have adopted ideas from other groups and modern communication technologies have transmitted cultural traits around the world. We will end this unit with our Global Interactions Unit Test.


We are just starting our final unit, A World in Transition. In this unit students will look at how the cultures of the world are interdependent, as well as how geography and governments affect the economic development of nations. This will be explored in a World Trade Game that will show the students how countries rely on each other for resources. Another assessment in this unit is the UN Middle School where the students will consider the perspective of different countries and how countries interact with each other in our globalized world. During this unit we will be reading the books: A Long Walk to Water and Iqbal.

Students have spent the year exploring various facets of the human experience and now have a better understanding of the changing world in which they live. The Power of One project, which we end the year with, allows students to examine themselves in light of this new understanding of the world and to consider how they might affect the world in the future. Thanks for a GREAT 6th grade year!

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