Anderw jackson hero or zero


National bank goes down

Andrew Jackson was not like other president he didn't realy flow the rules he did what he wanted to and that's just what he with the bank anderw Jackson wasn't a fan of the national bank because he felt like it was only for the rich so when he became president he said that he was going to make sure that the bank was destroy soon eought that what he did destoryed the bank by he's self

Removel of cherokee indians

Andrew jackson signed for there removel becacause there was gold and cotton where they stayed he did care about they he just saw money in his packet. so the Indian want to the superme counrt and fought him and won andrew jackson wasn't happy about so jackson round up all the indians and moved them to Oklahoma and thousands of Cherokees indians died onthe way there.

Worcester v. georgia

so those to people where the people that Jackson had to go thought to removel the indians but the where in favor of the indians so he did get the right to move them but he moved them any way

terrible president

political cartoons

the people draw Andrew Jackson like that because the people felt like he was being a donkey