Friday's Rewind

A look back, some time to reflect, and a look ahead

One Stop Shop Website

Several updates have been added to our one-stop shop site and we will continue to add things as needed to help meet your needs moving forward. SchoolDude, our new system for requesting custodial support/maintenance, is now linked for easy access. I have also added September's topics for our Staff Genius Hour time, which also includes tabs for each future month's professional development time. Please continue to share information with one another to help support our ongoing development and growth as educators. If there is anything else that you feel would be beneficial to have on this site, please let me know. Remember, our Master Calendar is always linked on the main page of the site as well. Please make sure that this site is bookmarked for easy access.

Safety Committee Updates

Our Safety Committee met today and here are a few of the highlights. We will be adding more detailed minutes to our one-stop shop site.

  • If we have a fire emergency when it is cold, typically December-February, we need to have a plan to prevent students getting cold (frostbite). We are planning to walk students directly to the Little KidKare center to wait inside until the building is safe. We will practice this during warm weather at some point this year.
  • Door stops are available as needed. Please put a ticket in on SchoolDude if you would like one for your door. Other options are not allowed by the fire marshall.
  • If you need outdoor traction footwear, please let the office and/or Troy know and we can get that for you.

PBIS Update

Our PBIS team also met this week. The main change that occurred at this meeting was that moving foward, we would like you to keep the top half of your magic moment slips given to kids for the entire month. At the end of the month, I will come to each classroom and draw a name and that student will be one of our students of the month. For the month of September, if you have already sent your slips home, don't worry, we will take care of it. Just save your slips moving forward. We will also add these minutes to our one-stop shop site.

Newsletter Articles Due Today

Please remember that your newsletter articles are due to Jaime today so that she can have the newsletter ready to go out next week.

Global GreenScreen Project (#GlobalGSP)

Many of you have been exploring coding, makerspaces, geniushour, and more as we begin our first year of "Innovate" at MES. In just a few short weeks of school, I have loved watching all of the cool experiences our students have already been a part of during "Innovate". It has been so fun to watch students who often struggle in reading/math, excel when given the chance to utilize other skill sets.

I came across the #GlobalGSP on twitter this summer and wanted to share it with you. In talking with Dr. Gustafson, there has been a lot of interest in participating and they may even have several stories going on at once to allow for maximum participation. Bottom line, the idea is outstanding and sounds like a lot of fun so I wanted to share it with you. Even if you don't sign up for this opportunity (but I think it is well worth thinking about), you could also think about ways that you could incorporate the idea and/or learning throughout our school or even with others in our district. Here is a detailed explanation of #GlobalGSP. Check it out!

Student Choice and Voice

As we continue to look for ways to give our students choice and a voice in their learning, I wanted to share a cool opportunity to help your students connect with peers from around the country, collaborate, discuss, share ideas, and much more through the use of the hashtag #STUCONNECT. The dates are as follows and will take place at 9:30 am.

#StuConnect Chat Dates

October 8, 2015

December 1, 2015

January 15, 2016

March 10, 2016

Dr. Brad Gustafson shared more information about this in his blog that is attached. I hope you check it out!

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