RAK Solar Island 100 sq. m. Shares

For The Low Asking Price Of: $10,000.00!

Alternative energy: Not just for the tree hugging hippies anymore!

Invest your hard earned money into an investment that guarantees profit. The utilization of fossil fuels as a source of energy is predicted to end within the next 200 years due to the worlds current consumption rate and current reserves. Thus the Earth's population needs to become independent of nonrenewable energy, and the demand for renewable energy will increase circumstantially. Research for more efficient renewable energy technology has been underway the past several decades but recently a scientific break through has occurred in the UAE. CSEM (Swiss Center of Electronics and of Micro-technologies United Arab Emirates), a research and development center for solar energy and clean technology solutions, is testing their latest project, the RAK solar islands. These islands are envisioned to line the equator and change position during the day to be in the optimal angle to absorb energy from the sun. Due to the location and positioning of this technology it will become one the most efficient sources of renewable energy ever created once built and implanted. With your investment CSEM can build the first islands, and get funding for further building. Your investment will allow you to own the energy produced by 100 sq. meters of solar panels on the island they are located. This energy will be utilized by the closest city and citizens will pay you back for the consumption of your product.
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Even Better! Free Maintenance!

Your solar panels will be maintained by the local government your island is near. All paid by federal taxes!