"Fire and Ice" By: Robert Frost

Alyssa Gorrell


The theme of "Fire and Ice" is that desires will destroy our world and hates comes in close second of causing destruction of the world. Everyone is always trying to be the best and come out on top. They will do anything to accomplish that goal even if it means hurting other people. Hate is a dangerous thing. Hate can be small but if it is extreme it causes people to do things you never thought they would do. Hate relates to revenge and people let revenge consume them, to become there only goal, until it destroys them and those around them.


Fire symbolizes the desires of the world. Ice symbolizes the hate in the world. The world can represent just one persons life. Fire and ice cause them to only focus on succeeding or those they hate and cause problems in their life. Their world is destroyed because they lose the things and people they love because they were only focused on what they wanted.

Metaphorical Comparison

Fire is desire. When people want something they have a burning desire to get it. They will keep striving to get that want until they have it. Ice is hate. Everyone has someone that don't particularly like. When they are around that person they are cold to them. They try to ignore and pretend that they don't exist.