Points of Pride (Class of 2019)

Alief ISD Senior News and Recognitions

The Class of 2019 earned approximately $62 million in scholarships and grants.

Out of the comprehensive high schools, Taylor High School students earned the most scholarships and grants, while Alief Early College High School came out on top for the high schools of choice. This graduating class earned more than the Class of 2018.

Congratulations to Alief ISD's Class of 2019 Valedictorians and Salutatorians!

  • Valedictorians - Carlos Fuentes (AECHS), Mohamed Mabizari (Elsik), Peter Ma (Hastings), Nghi Nguyen (Kerr) and Isaiah Osazuwa (Taylor)
  • Salutatorians - Jenny Tran (AECHS), Ashley Bui (Elsik), Huy Bui (Hastings), Newton Huynh (Kerr) and Raveena Mahabir (Taylor)

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2019 Scholarship Recipient Highlights

QuestBridge Scholars:

College Match Scholarship Recipients are granted admission to one of QuestBridge's partner colleges with a full, four-year scholarship worth over $200,000 each.

  • Tiger Nguyen (Kerr) - Colby College
  • Daniel Jaramillo (Taylor) - Colby College

POSSE Scholars:

The Posse Scholarship is a full-tuition, four-year scholarship worth more than $100,000.
  • Rofiat Abubakar (Elsik) - University of Virginia
  • Zackeyia Thomlinson (Elsik) - Texas A&M University
  • Qudus Ayilara (Kerr) - University of Virginia
  • Abinibola Onabolu (Kerr) - Carleton College

HLSR Scholarship Recipients:

Mohammad Al Hasan (Taylor) was one of 15 recipients of the School Art Scholarship.

The following Alief ISD students received the Houston Area Scholarship: Jenny Tran (AECHS), Miguel Velasquez (AECHS), Victoria Le (AECHS), Ashley Bui (Elsik), Emily Galo (Elsik), Emmanuella Hyde (Elsik), Erika Vasquez (Elsik), Oluwatobi Adebisi (Elsik), Abdulbari Agboola (Hastings), Tien Dinh (Kerr) and Yasmine Williams (Taylor).

HLSR Houston Area and School Art scholarships are $5,000 per year with a chance to be renewed each year total $20,000 over four years.

Dell Scholars:

The Dell Scholars Program includes $20,000, a laptop, textbook credits, and other resources such as counseling and financial aid coaching.

  • AECHS - Brianna Carpio, Karishma Maharaj, Jenny Tran, Hoa Dang, Carlos Fuentes, Miguel Velasquez, Claudia Asenjo, Quaniesha Stephens, Kiara McClennon and Maria Mendoza
  • Hastings - April Brito, Dalmath Kandolo and Khanh Nguyen

Many Alief ISD seniors also received other major scholarships.

  • Nghi Nguyen (Kerr) was awarded the Amazon Future Engineers Scholarship. It’s $10,000 per year plus a guaranteed internship at Amazon for computer science.
  • Abdulbari Agboola (Hastings) won the George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation Scholarship. He is one of 70 scholarship recipients in the Houston area and received $20,000 disbursed over four years.
  • Kiara McClennon (AECHS) was named the recipient of the Beat the Odds Scholarship from the Children's Defense Fund. The award includes up to $5,000 in scholarship money, a laptop, domestic airfare to/from college, ongoing mentoring, internship referrals, leadership development, coursework and career guidance, professional clothing and more.
  • Layan Hatim Mustafa Al Hasan (Hastings) has won the Terry Scholarship for The University of Texas at Austin. The scholarship, which differs for each scholar, provides sufficient assistance to cover the cost of tuition, books, fees and living expenses on campus.
  • Desiree White (Hastings) and Seiry Gutierrez (Hastings) were each awarded a $2,000 scholarship by Texas Executive Women (TEW). Students are recognized based on leadership traits, academics, involvement in the TEW mentoring Program and financial need.
  • Center for Advanced Careers students Emily Truong (Taylor) and Jocelyn Villeda (Taylor) were each selected to receive a $1,000 scholarship from the Gulf Coast Organization.
  • Hastings HOSA members have been awarded three scholarships from Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. Chukwuedo Okeibunor and Jola-ade Majekodumni will each receive $500, and Benedicta Oviawe was awarded $1,000.
  • Leslie Imafidon (Hastings) was awarded the Roosevelt Lee Young Scholarship from Professor Young. She will receive $1,000 and a dorm room makeover.

Alief ISD Education Foundation Scholarship Recipients:

Jason Best Scholarship

  • Rebecca Faulhaber (Hastings) - $6,000 ($1,500 per year for 4 years)

Chuck Lang Scholarship

  • Tram Ly (AECHS) - $2,500
  • Karla Vanessa Barrios (Taylor) - $2,500

TCG Group Scholarship –

  • Elizabeth Rosa (AECHS) - $2,000

First Financial Scholarship

  • Taylor Sevalia (AECHS) - $2,000

First Community Credit Union Scholarship

  • Bolaji Omofojoye (Elsik) - $2,000

Karczewski, Bradshaw and Spalding Scholarship

  • Rathea Hersi (Kerr) - $2,000

International District Scholarship

  • Binh Thai Nguyen (Kerr) - $2,000
  • Tyler Nguyen (AECHS) - $2,000
  • Baohan Phi (Taylor) - $2,000
  • Ehiziemien Deborah Nehikhare (Hastings) - $2,000
  • Mohamed Mabizari (Elsik) - $2,000

Education Foundation Scholarships

  • Luis Gonsalez (AECHS) - $2,000
  • Touwalase Kuteyi (AECHS) - $2,000
  • Zali Naing (AECHS) - $2,000
  • Melanie Pham (AECHS) - $2,000
  • Yashika Mehta (AECHS) - $2,000
  • Victoria Le (AECHS) - $2,000
  • Akane Mishima (AECHS) - $2,000
  • Joy Nans (AECHS) - $2,000
  • Ashley Bui (Elsik) - $2,000
  • Emmanuella Hyde (Elsik) - $2,000
  • Jayla O’Neal (Elsik) - $2,000
  • Natalie Solis (Elsik) - $2,000
  • Maria Isabel Vidal (Kerr) - $2,000
  • Saron Gberhiwot (Kerr) - $2,000
  • Kenya Johnson (Kerr) - $2,000

Houston Westchase Rotary Club Scholarship Recipients:

Precious Mbaeri (AECHS) and Kimberly Mendez (Taylor) will each receive $500 per semester throughout four years of college.

Alief Employee Alumni Association Scholarship Recipients:

Each recipient will be awarded $1,100 for use during the Fall 2019 semester.
  • Baohan Phi (Taylor)
  • Salar Sanati (Kerr)

CITGO STEM Scholarship Recipients:

The scholarship is worth $1,000.

  • Joshua Alexandria Aleybe (AECHS)
  • Marie Mendoza (AECHS)
  • David Sanchez (AECHS)
  • Melanie Phan (AECHS)
  • Alaze Tatum (Elsik)
  • Michael Nguyen (Elsik)
  • Jeremy Coleman (Elsik)
  • Saron Fissha Gberhiwot (Kerr)
  • Cindy Huynh (Kerr)
  • Kimberly Hernandez (Taylor)

IBC Bank Scholarship Recipients:

    IBC Bank awarded $1,000 scholarships to deserving Alief ISD students.
    • AECHS - Joshua Alegbe, Davin Sanchez, Elizabeth Rosa, Taylor Sevalia, Goodness Mbaeri, Precious Mbaeri and Christy Renoj
    • Taylor - John Bui

    Killough Soaring Eagle Scholarship Recipients:

    Each of the recipients, who previously attended Killough Middle School, will receive $500.
    • Baohan Phi (Taylor)
    • Melanie Pham (AECHS)
    • Majesty Adjakidje (Elsik)

    COMET Scholarship Recipients:

    These students were selected based on their extraordinary community service through Alief ISD's COMET Program. The scholarship will be awarded by district community partner 5Works.
    • Sofia Nguyen (Hastings) - $500
    • Elijah Bui-Dang (Kerr) - $500
    • Francheska Canlas (Kerr) - $1,000
    • Rebekah Annan (Taylor) - $500
    • Karla Orellana (Taylor) - $1,000
    • Julietta Ortega (Taylor) - $500

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