"What place more better than the best place on earth"


Constantinople was built where Europe and Asia meet . This is a city state, always something going on, full of excitement. The location gives the people of Constantinople control over the routes leading to Asia and to northern Europe. This type of location lead the city to be full of wealth. This location also makes it easy to protect from invaders due to the high amount of water that it is surrounded by.
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The Byzantine Emperor is not only the head of the government, but he is also the living representation of God. The church and the state are combined into one powerful unit. These factors lead to having the best government you could have ever imagined.
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The two topics of religion and government are linked together. The government and religion united creating an equal environment for all Byzantines. Christianity transitioned to the dominant religion of the Roman Empire.
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Daily Life

A day in a life of an average citizen in Constantinople is amazing. This area is more advanced than in the Western Europe area. You'll get to root for your favorite chariot team and have the rare access to a fully working sewage system. You will also get the honor of being able to meet people from all over the Afro-Eurasia area, getting the opportunity to learn new languages from the traders, with also gaining the chance to trade goods with these people.